Going Green & Clean: Your 5-Day Summer Detox

If you instantly cringe at the word detox and feel tempted to scroll down and skip this read, sit tight and stay with me! Whether it’s a ‘summer detox’, ‘post-holiday detox’ or ‘new year detox’, they all have the same thing in common. Having you start out with the best intention, even if many detox […]

Basic Tips To Help Navigate The Silly Season

Who’s getting excited about Christmas?! It’s the time of the year summer is kicking in (or winter if you are in the northern hemisphere), Christmas decorations are abundant, Christmas songs are on repeat at shopping centres, social activities, and events are booming and people on a whole are feeling merry.  For many, it’s a time […]

Spring Exercise Ideas: 6 Tips on Getting Active Outdoors

Spring is in the air! Which means the sun is up earlier, out until later, the mornings and evenings are warmer and with that, we have longer days to take advantage of and the opportunity to get outside more.  This also means excuses such as ‘it’s still dark, it’s already dark, it’s too cold’ etc. […]

Recognising the Signs and Knowing When and How to ask R U OK?

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s all too easy to overlook the silent struggles that many around us might be facing. While we may not be equipped to read minds, there are often clear signs—behavioural, emotional, cognitive, and physical—that can tell us when someone we care about may be silently battling […]

5 Stretches or Moves to Support Happiness

If you think about most of the movies you’ve ever seen where they show someone waking up first thing in the morning, it’s usually followed by them sitting up to have a big yawn and stretch. The reality is, many people start their day hitting the snooze button before rolling out of bed feeling slow, […]

Evening Rituals: 6 Tips to Help You Create One

We hear a lot about the value and benefits in having creating and practicing our morning rituals, but what about at the end of the day? If we’re aiming to start the day in a way that support our health and wellbeing, shouldn’t we also aim to end the day with a set of rituals […]

How to Shift Your Mindset in Order to Achieve Your Goals

I’m sure by now you know the drill! Life doesn’t get better by chance, only by change. Our next Happiness Challenge kicks off this Wednesday! If you haven’t yet registered, this is your reminder to put yourself first and be the change you wish to see in your life. It really is a life-changing program. […]

Getting Raw & Real with a Mini March Detox

Can you believe we’re already into the third month of 2023? No doubt you’ve enjoyed the longer and warmer days and nights, those summer vibes and all the festivities and busier social life that usually comes with it.  As we head towards Autumn, now is usually the time we can start to feel the effects […]

5 Daily Health Practices To Nourish Your Wellbeing

“Nurturing yourself isn’t selfish. It’s essential to your survival & your wellbeing.”   – Renee Peterson Trudeau   Feeling unbalanced and lacking or losing energy are clear signs you are not in an ideal state of health. The catch is, you only truly start to take notice of this by being consistent with health practices and daily […]