Proud Movement Partner
Happiness Co is proud to present Man Enough, the first movement of its kind.  Man Enough is comprised of three aspects: a social movement, live events (keynote addresses and workshops) and online personal challenges, that encourage men to engage in awareness exercises and develop tools that will help them through life's challenges.

Man Enough has created a real, relatable environment for men and it's making a HUGE DIFFERENCE. Our Man Enough movement is all about the real life problems and concerns that everyday men face.

Man Enough will create a new awareness of what a real man 'looks like'. It is about men understanding the true strength in vulnerability. Being ‘man enough’ is being able to be open, to be vulnerable, to share, to cry and to seek help.

This Gala Cocktail event is the official launch to Happiness Co’s year long Man Enough Movement that will, not only change so many men’s lives, but save them.

All proceeds from the night will be going directly into the Man Enough Movement to increase the number of lives changed and ultimately saved.
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