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We’re on a mission to  make the world a better place. Our movements powered by Happiness Co have been created in order to work toward the goal of happiness for everyone, no matter what their story is. 


Our movements are specifically designed to advocate and support specific groups to find their happiness. All of our movements are powered by Happiness Co and aim to not only bring awareness to certain issues, however their aim is to impact and inspire by creating a powerful movement to shift current stigmas in the mental health space, in order to create long-lasting change.

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brand you

Helping young women find clarity and purpose in life

Brand You is a women’s empowerment movement powered by Happiness Co, designed purely for young women (18-25years) to gain clarity and purpose in their lives. 

Facilitator Georgia Perry provides women tools and inspiration to take action in their life. 

Brand You already have workshops and online programs in the pipeline to support and guide women to create the best versions of themselves; and have a number of Brand Ambassadors on board to support the vision. 

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man enough

Saving lives by showing men they are not alone

The Man Enough Movement exists to give men the skills and tools to support them through life’s challenges; embracing real men with real problems. Through tools and resources, the everyday man can understand, The Man Enough Movement creates and educates to help them find their happy.

This movement is not purely focused on men who are idealising suicide or those who are at breaking point; it is a movement that works hard to improve the daily lives of all men.

When people struggle in their everyday happiness, Happiness Co has built a platform that they can be comfortable to turn to, regardless of who are they are, or where they’re at on their journey to happiness. 

Our Man Enough Movement simply takes that platform and aims it directly at men, by ensuring they know they’re just as loved and cared for as any other person. By improving the way men view happiness and vulnerability, we can make a fundamental difference to the way they view times of unhappiness and sadness.  Ultimately, we’re saving lives by showing men they are not alone and there is light.

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Empowering women for strength

A movement set to bring change to the lives of those who have been adversely affected by domestic abuse using the 3R’s: Recover, Rebuild and Re-educate. 

Happiness Co is recognised in the space of mindset and emotional mastery, and uses these areas to help people improve and bring light to the lives of women.

The desire to extend this to empower those affected by domestic abuse and family violence materialised empowHER, a movement that aims to give all women the strength and capacity to demand a society where they feel safe and free from abuse. 

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Happy Hearts

Growing happy hearts and minds

We want to help grow and empower lifelong connections for confident, happy hearts and minds, and who better to start with than our children?

This seven-pillar online program gives adults the relationship building skills to form better connections and understanding of the hearts and minds of the children in their lives.

Through the widely researched skills that we teach in our programs, you will be able to empower your children with emotional resilience, a growth mindset and ability to face challenges, as they grow and develop.

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