Our impact has been so happily received, we’ve attracted valuable happiness partners who share in our dream and help us to help you, find your happy.

You make us happy, so do our partners.

Our impact has been so happily received, we’ve attracted valuable happiness partners who share in our dream and help us to help you, find your happy.

Java juice

Java Juice are officially partnered with us to make Perth a happier and healthier place. 

Java Juice is the original juice bar in Perth using fresh ingredients sourced from local producers. 

The partnership will deliver a happy, healthy and local focus that will promote Java Juice stores as a joyful place to eat, drink and work. Staff members of Java Juice will also receive as part of their employment, pre-emptive mental health services and through the delivery of online programs, mentorships and events. 


Hertz Australia WA are officially partnered with us for the next 3 years to drive happiness around Australia, supporting each other to make a bigger impact in our communities. 

The Happiness Co branded car and street team will be out on the streets driving change, driving impact and driving kindness. The Street Team will be regularly activating random acts of kindness, attending workplaces and school youth programs onsite, delivering our male regional suicide prevention campaign Man Enough, and so much more. 

Optus Stadium

We are Optus Stadium’s official Purpose Partner, together fuelling action over awareness in the space of happiness, fulfilment and positive mental health. 

The relationship is a catalyst for events, activations and opportunities for the whole community; inspiring shared experiences and helping people.

Make a Difference WA

Make a Difference WA is our Charity Partner, helping us raise funds to continue the work that we do.

Make A Difference WA aims to raise significant funds through various projects to make a difference to the lives of those in necessitous circumstances, thereby improving the overall quality of life across various Western Australian communities.

Litt App

LITT actively support the work we do through sharing part of their advertising revenue and giving us a voice on the LITT application. This inspires others to take action to improve their lives and mental health. 

The App is for everyone looking to connect with friends and family, share real life moments, help others and serve as a positive social media platform.

sonder coffee

Sonder are our partners for Happiness day, helping us provide coffees as Random Acts of Kindness. 

Bolt Fitness

Happiness Co and Bolt have a community partnership as we understand the importance of exercise to support healthy mental health. We are committed to help grow a healthier and happier community.

The Magic Coat

Magic Coat for Kids is our Program Partner.

The Magic Coat is a tool that has been developed to help create confident, calm and caring kids who know how to problem solve, feel safe and manage their emotions appropriately so that they have good mental health and wellbeing. Our program helps children learn to take control and responsibility for their own world and to create positive relationships with adults and children around them.

Brainless Apparel

Brainless Apparel believe everyone has the ability to live a fulfilling life using the internal gifts they possess – to make this world a better place – and enjoy the journey along the way.

Brainless is aiming for the stars. Be apart of a brand that is committed to inspiring your wildest dreams…


Moondreamz aims to inspire kids and young people to live their wildest dreams, to aim for bold visions and goals and to bring as many community members along for the ride!

By donating to Moondreamz you are supporting the Neurology Department at The Royal Children’s Hospital. Your contribution will be put towards this department’s greatest need. Every single donation will go towards funding lifesaving and changing projects at the RCH, impacting the lives of children now, and well into the future.

our fundraising Partners

Flash Market

The driving force behind fundraising here in our home state of WA; Flash Market’s mission is to help small businesses succeed online and in-store with a centralised and feature-packed eCommerce solution while giving consumers access to everything they need from one, easy to use platform.

Being a tech company doesn’t mean they only do tech stuff. They are a community-driven company focused on helping people online and in real life. They have raised over $5 million dollars, and counting, for incredible causes around Australia.

One Raise

The platform powering fundraising, OneRaise have helped their partners, including Happiness Co, to raise millions for those who need it most.

With a passion for helping organisations that help people, OneRaise is setting the new benchmark for transparency, accountability and ease of access for those who want to win amazing prizes, whilst giving to great causes.

Give Apparel

GIVE Apparel was founded from a vision to create a culture of giving in a world that has become selfish.

Minimum 20% of all sales goes towards to “Pay it Forward” & Random Acts of Kindness in the community.

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