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Switched On powered by Happiness Co


We've created for our emerging generations who are looking at belonging to a community. A community that upholds diversity, inclusivity and engagement, whilst encouraging people to learn more about the world around them,

This initiative is powered by Happiness Co, but everything put forward is made by youth, for youth. 

Through Happiness Co we've been fortunate enough to work with over 20,000 students who have encouraged us (and begged us!) to create this platform. We believe it has so much potential and we have plans for it to become the go-to platform for connection, wellbeing, support and community for young people. At Switched On we want to offer a guiding light for those who want to find their tribe, for those feeling lost, overwhelmed, sad and lonely, and for those who are curious looking to explore.

Switched On powered by Happiness Co


We wanted to collaborate with a local brand that has a similar mindset to us in wanting to make a positive impact on the world around us.

Oli is infamous for his clothing apparel and we a stoked to collaborate in the creation of a piece of clothing that stands for something really important and provides more value to the fabric with each wear.

They are helping us spread the important message of acknowledging mental health, particularly within young males throughout WA, which is the main demographic for Oli.

All funds go back into helping us spread the awareness needed within emerging youth so we continue building towards a better tomorrow.

So grab a shirt and represent the awareness arising within youth mental health.