Private Coaching

Our lived experience approach to individual mentoring makes us a leader in the space of mental health and happiness.

Our Coaches are trained TO

help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results. Coaching will push you to identify your goals, hold you accountable and provide encouragement throughout your journey to become a better version of yourself.

Our lived experience approach to individual mentoring makes us a leader in the space of mental health and happiness. We offer one-on-one mentoring for individuals looking for a more personalised approach. Throughout the program, you will have the full support of a mentor who has personally risen from their own challenge. Tailored to meet individual needs your sessions can be online, via telephone or in person, in Victoria Park, using state of the art Braintap technology.


is perfect for those wanting to:

OVERCOME procrastination

Create more happiness

Gain clarity, purpose, and direction

Overcome limiting beliefs

Rebuild your self-worth and identity

Ignite passion in your relationships

Overcome ChallengeS

Move through grief and loss

Achieve your goals and get better results

Improve self confidence

Create more self-awareness

Create a healthy life balance



Danielle is a mindset and lived experience coach, artist, and facilitator. Danielle specializes in mindset, self-worth, and relationships. With a range of different life experiences and training, Danielle brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to her clients. Danielle helps her clients live their best life, by implementing practical tools and strategies to help them make choices towards the person they want to be. Danielle provides a tailored approach to help you work through your own personal struggles, such as overcoming limiting beliefs, moving through past challenge, rebuilding your self-worth and identity, and creating healthier relationships, both with yourself and others. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make.


Daniel has 15 years of experience as a coach and mentor. His passion is to help people achieve clarity, purpose and healthy relationships. Key ingredients to find your happy! He is also a prolific public speaker having run seminars on those topics in Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa and North & South America.



Happiness Co is about finding the kind of fulfilment that makes you want to
bring your best to everything you do.


This is a first of its kind and an incredible initiative by Lighthouse Legal who are incorporating 3 coaching sessions into their fixed price packages, for clients who are going through divorce and family law. This will see LHL clients working with our coaches to receive support for their mental and emotional wellbeing, to ensure they are emotionally equipped to go through the court process.

There is a great sense of loss when it comes to divorce and family separation- loss of your companion, friendships, care of children, the life you’ve built and most importantly a loss of identity and self-esteem. Change can be hard to navigate, especially when there is a sense of loss and hurt. Our partnership with Lighthouse Legal sees us support those going through divorce to help them rebuild their self-esteem, identity, and future.

As we know, divorce rates are at an all-time high and its one of the most painful experiences for people and families to go through. A lot of relationships/marriages end in broken families and the impact on children can be so detrimental. We are on a mission to support people who are going through this process, to help them show up respectfully, with awareness of how their actions and behaviours can impact themselves and those around them in the long term. As well as utilising all the incredible tools and strategies that we use at Happiness Co - to help them process and navigate loss, rebuild their identity, self-worth, vision etc.


for this partnership that helps positively impacts more lives!