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Explore our school happiness tools, and reach out if you would like your school to be involved.

Creating Confidence for happier children

Our Happiness for Schools program helps instil confidence, self-esteem, and resilience in students – this is particularly important for teenagers.

Confidence helps teenagers make safe, informed decisions and avoid people and situations that aren’t right for them.

Resilience will help them bounce back from difficult experiences and leads to more confidence. When a child is confident, they’re more likely to be assertive, positive, engaged, enthusiastic and persistent – a positive cycle, for happier children.

Happier students and teachers, for a happier school

Attempted suicide rates are increasing year on year, and feelings of isolation and loneliness are reaching a breaking point. Heavy stuff, right? With minimal improvement in sight and what seems like more unhappiness than ever before, kindness and care is something the world is in desperate need of. That’s why School Happiness is needed and needed now!

School Happiness is a solution-based model, built to impact and inspire change in young people’s lives. We’re working with schools through in-person programs to talk through the tools and practices to build happier students and teachers, for a happier school.

What we’re here to do is complicated, but also beautifully simple; Inspire more people to change more lives, because we can’t do this alone. We believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to make someone else’s life better and that life does not get better by chance, only by planned, purposeful change.

We’re here to work with you, your budget, and your needs, with subsidised programs available for schools, regardless of your own funding.

Happiness Tools for Schools

What Does it Mean to Be Happy?

Relationships + Connection

Anxiety to Happy

Happiness, Friendship & Bullying

Resilience & Empowerment

Contribution, Compassion & Social Responsibility


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School happiness