FIFO happiness

We’re here to help you live it, with a happiness program made just for you.

How can we live a happier FIFO life?
We’re here to help you live it, with a happiness program made just for you.

While FIFO work is rewarding, it comes with its own unique challenges, including long hours, time away from loved ones and isolation, resulting in increased risk to mental health and wellbeing. In fact, 1 in 3 FIFO workers experience high levels of mental health distress.

At Happiness Co, we’ve worked with dozens of organisations with a FIFO workforce and have now created a program just for this sector. A program to empower FIFO workers, creating a happier and healthier workplace and improving the lives of the people working in it.

Introducing our award-winning Workplace Happiness program, repurposed and rebuilt specifically for the people who have helped build our economy, FIFO workers, just like your team.

Understand ways to stay in the “green” and learn pre-emptive mental health tools and tips, all designed to support you and your family.

Using non-clinical, practical and realistic tools for happiness, our FIFO Happiness program is facilitated with education and engagement at front of mind. FIFO work comes with a unique code of practice and workplace health and safety, so our program pillars address these too.

If you’re a FIFO worker or your an organisation with a FIFO contingent; we can help you minimise mental harm, increase resilience and wellbeing and empower your people to live a happier and healthier life.

Find your FIFO happy today.

Our FIFO Happiness program has been designed by people who have lived the FIFO life, with collective experience of nearly three decades.

Wellness Activations

As your organisation looks to improve the mental wellbeing and emotional health of your FIFO team, our programs can form a part of those initiatives.

Toolbox Meetings

We already know the positive way we can impact physical safety prior to a shift starting, have our team bring a new approach to your employee’s mental wellbeing and safety.

Manager Development

Some powerful personal development a FIFO leader can delve into is to increase their aptitude and knowledge around difficult conversations, mental wellbeing and happiness related tools for use onsite.

On site Peer Support Training

Our lived experience coaches are dedicated to ensuring your people know how to support themselves and others through challenging times

our pillars

Find your FIFO happy today.

Pre-emptive Mental Health & Happiness

Peak Performance & Stress Optimisation

Emotional Intelligence

Self-Development & Personal Growth

Contribution, Compassion + Social Responsibility

Relationships, Connection & Appreciation


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FIFO happiness