The story behind Happiness Co

The story behind Happiness Co is that it was inspired by the devastating loss of Julian Pace’s father, on Julian’s 21st birthday. Following this tragedy, Julian went down the wrong path. But after a few years, he wanted to change, because he looked at his friends and family, but especially his mum, and the pain and suffering he was causing them. He realised his pain was real, but his suffering was a choice.  He found happiness and wanted to create Happiness Co, focussing on – happiness - and to protect other families from pain his went through after the loss of his dad. The pain had created a dream for him. 

That dream (twelve years ago), was to be a founder of this company he called Happiness Co, representing hope and possibility for people.  A brand for people, and movement that matters. Happiness Co’s a way for Julian to give back spreading life changing messages he found effective in changing his life. His dad and his family’s why he chases dreams of becoming a leader standing for something. His losses are reasons he’s passionate about encouraging and supporting others to make changes in their lives.

Happiness Co took years of structuring, until January 2017, when Julian’s DREAM was born, with the backing of two of Julian’s best mates.  Designed as a social movement, empowering everyday people to change their own lives and the lives of those around them. Not only changing and helping many, but even saving them. 

Within the last seven years, Julian built his company, and found a ‘tribe’ – which he called Ambassadors, (where there are currently seventeen from all over Australia voluntarily working alongside him, coaching and mentoring clients, and assisting in the programs and workshops). 

These Ambassadors have similar vision, and dedication, that Julian can teach human behaviour and emotional mastery too and motivate them to help enrich more people’s lives.  Julian also employed staff with different expertise which expanded the business model allowing Happiness Co to branch out into helping schools and workplaces.

Happiness Co is an initiative and advocate for positive changes and increased awareness for issues of mental health, depression, loneliness, and unhappiness. 

Happiness Co is on a mission to impact people’s lives and encourage them to spread happiness and help make the world a better place.

With attempted suicide rates increasing each year, and feelings of isolation and loneliness reaching breaking point, Happiness Co want the world to know there is a light. And it is their intention to shine this light through the darkness with a range of happiness tools, and by using unique everyday approaches in the pre-emptive mental health space, and with a dedication to sharing lived experience.

Happiness Co is now a multiple award-winning social enterprise winning recognition in social impact, business, mentorship, community and suicide prevention.

They are on a mission – a mission to impact people’s lives and encourage them to spread happiness and help make the world a better place.