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Explore our workplace happiness programs, to find the right one for your team.

Did you know that happy employees are
more engaged, satisfied, creative, and productive?

It’s a fact – Happiness is a proven key driver for success and at the core of all positive emotions and aids in building modern and agile teams.

When staff and team members are happy, organisations are happy too.

Introducing Workplace Happiness – an award-winning program facilitated by an organisation proven to empower individuals to be in charge of their own happiness and mental health, allowing organisations to thrive as a result.

Our programs are based on a non-clinical, pre-emptive approach to happiness and wellbeing. Integrating lived experience into enjoyable and engaging interactions with your team.

Focusing our content on emotions, stories and decisions for safer, healthier and happier humans.

Our programs are based in self-development, lived experience, positive psychology, happiness science and elements of effective team communication. Our program concepts have been positively evaluated by multiple organisations and recognised with several national awards in the space of professional services, wellbeing initiatives, mental health mentoring and suicide prevention. 

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Conferences & Keynotes

Our team are renowned for their engaging wellbeing presentations, with over 50 conference keynotes delivered within the last 3 years, all with positive attendee feedback.

Fitness & Sport:

Whether your organisation has experienced challenges around mental health, performance or connection, our programs can positively complement the training your members are already committed to.

toolbox meetings

We already know the positive way we can impact physical safety prior to a shift starting, have our team bring a new approach to your employee’s mental wellbeing and safety.

staff development

From the top down, our programs and initiatives can be embedded within your organisation to drive positive cultural change and effect wellbeing at all levels.

lunch & learns

With flexibility around timing and duration, our workshops suit the fantastic event that is the office lunch and learn.

Wellbeing Event Activation

As your organisation looks to improve the mental wellbeing and emotional health of your team, our programs can form a part of those initiatives.

our pillars

Everyone deserves happiness and anyone can sustain it.

Pre-emptive Mental Health & Happiness

Peak Performance & Stress Optimisation

Emotional Awareness & Resourcefulness

Self-Development & Personal Growth

Leadership & Culture for Happiness

Relationships, Connection & Appreciation


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workplace happiness