“Nurturing yourself isn’t selfish. It’s essential to your survival & your wellbeing.” 

 – Renee Peterson Trudeau


Feeling unbalanced and lacking or losing energy are clear signs you are not in an ideal state of health. The catch is, you only truly start to take notice of this by being consistent with health practices and daily rituals in the first place.

Once you begin to develop and follow a nourishing pattern, you find you are able to cope better with life – especially stress, depression and anxiety. When you ignore some of these practices (or all of them), life – and even the simplest of tasks, can feel harder. Mentally, emotionally and physically.

If you are seeking out the one special “secret” to health, you can stop right now! Health is an assimilation of multiple small habits that work together to create that thing we’re forever seeking… balance. Or as I like to think of it, your mind, body and centre (soul) working in their ideal harmony, or homeostasis.

Below are five of the practices or rituals that make up my health principles on an average day. They’re pretty simple and achievable for you to start implementing into your day, so why not give them all  – or even one? – a go!


How you start your day is everything! First thing upon rising, I splash my face with cold water and then head into the kitchen to chug down half a litre of water with freshly squeezed lemon. You can try any other citrus of choice or option for a tiny splash of ACV (apple cider vinegar). It all helps wake up the digestive system and get things moving. You’re also more likely to get in the habit of drinking water and staying hydrated continually throughout the day.

Foam Roll & Stretch

I always start my day with exercise be it a walk, yoga, Pilates, bike class or run. But before I move, I allow myself 10-15 minutes on the foam roller to ‘role’ out any stiffness or stagnant energy. It gets me feeling awake and alive. My brain becomes alert, my circulation gets going, my breath and lungs expand and it aids movement in other areas as well. You may like to just opt for a stretch or do a combination of both.


When’s the last time you really took in a breath to your full lung capacity? Breathing is such an integral part to our survival, yet most of us breathe quickly and shallow. I invite you to find at 5 minute in your say somewhere, to stop and actively breathe. At least 3-4 long inhales and exhales. It can be practiced at any time and as needed to engage the para-sympathetic nervous system, bring a sense of calm and self-awareness, and avoid overwhelm.


Human beings were born to move. Once upon a time, we spent our days hunting and gathering, cooking and cleaning, and generally doing. Now, most of us have to schedule time for movement and give it the title of “exercise”. Movement is just as important for a healthy mind as it is for a healthy physique. Those who exercise are found to be more focused and perform better at work, too. They are happier, less stressed and cope better with life situations. Finding time to exercise or ‘move’ every day, is a non-negotiable for me, and I highly encourage you to make it a non-negotiable for you too.


“Every day is a good day; some days are just better than others”.  

Another thing that you can to your daily health practices is the attitude of gratitude. Gratitude isn’t just being grateful when something goes right or doesn’t go wrong. It’s being grateful for what you already have and who you already are.

I keep a gratitude diary for the mornings I feel like writing it out with a cuppa or over breakfast (weekends are great for this), otherwise I make it a habit to practice gratitude when I’m in and by the ocean on one of my daily dips. Once in bed at night, try going through your day and thinking about all the things or people you are grateful for. It may seem silly, but it helps you drift off in a positive mood, versus dwelling on anything that creates negative thinking.

If you need a little extra help hopping on the gratitude train, I recommend reading The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.

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