Being kind to ourselves and others has never been more important than it is right now. With separated families, relationships and lives, it can be easy to become frustrated with situations and forget to act with kindness.

We have compiled some ways to be kind during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the stress and anxiety it can cause for all of us. Remember, everyone has different circumstances, but being kind and having compassion can go a long way. 

Ways to be kind to others: 

1. Act with love and sensitivity 

You may not know exactly what someone else is going through, so always aim to act with love and be sensitive to other people’s situations. Try not to compare situations, as everyone’s emotions in the current situation are completely valid. 

2. Support local businesses 

Try and support local businesses that would be struggling the most during these times. Not only will it help them continue to operate and make a livelihood, but it will also make sure you stay connected to people and your local community. 

3. Connect with family regularly

Organise a walk, phone chat or meal with a family member depending on if you are in lockdowns or not. Try and make it a habit to organise these little catch-ups to ensure you are checking in and staying connected as much as possible. 

4. Reach out to people in lockdowns 

If you know of people going through lockdowns and the difficult emotions that come with that, send them a message, keep them accountable for creating healthy habits and make sure they know that they can turn to you if they need support. 

Ways to be kind to yourself:

1. Do something each day to focus on your mind and body 

Set easy habits to follow each day that are healthy for your mind and body. Writing these habits in your diary can help you keep accountable and make sure you focus on yourself. It could be as simple as a morning walk or a nourishing breakfast in the sunshine. 

2. Get outside each day for fresh air

Getting Vitamin D and being outside surrounded by nature can help your mental health in so many ways, especially if you are in and out of lockdowns. Try to get outside, every day whether it be for a quick walk, to listen to a podcast or for a long bike ride with a friend!

3. Organise your space to give you clarity 

Clearing your space and making sure it’s clean and tidy can help put you in the right frame of mind, especially if you are working from home. Try to create a space for yourself to work in, that makes you feel happy, organised and focussed. Choosing to add some colourful stationery or fresh plants can go a long way!

4. Join online challenges 

Joining online challenges can help you set goals for yourself, whether that be personal development, fitness, health or mindfulness, finding online challenges that suit you could be a great way to feel accomplished during uncertain times. 

Setting goals that you write down in your journal, is another way to set and achieve mini-goals for yourself, to make the most of the potential extra time on your hands. 

Happiness Co have an online ‘Happiness Challenge’ which goes for 10 days! If you would like more information, visit this link.