Ever wondered why some days or weeks are overwhelmingly ‘foggy’ and draining? You may be experiencing ‘brain fog’…

Some of the most common indicators include lack of motivation and focus, low energy, headaches and trouble sleeping.

The cause is different for everyone, but common lifestyle factors include stress, over-working, not sleeping enough, too much screen time and not enough rest or downtime.

Let’s chat about some simple tricks to get you out of brain fog:

1. First, assess the cause

Whether it be the long overtime hours spent in the office, lack of sleep due to stress, or simply taking on too much at once – brain fog is the real deal and it sucks. The best thing to do before you can get yourself out of the situation is to think about what may be causing it. Usually, it will stick out like a red light if you are intuitive and know yourself well, but sometimes you may just not know why you aren’t feeling yourself.

Try to work through your days and weeks in the last couple of months, assess what changes have been made, what stress factors are involved and what areas of your life are taking most of your energy.

2. Come up with a game plan 

Once you identify the cause, you can come up with a plan. Try not to ignore the signs of brain fog, usually, your body is spot on with intuition and if you feel foggy, chances are high that you are!

Game Plan Ideas:

No matter the cause, brain fog can seem like a complete barrier and inconvenience at the time, but it’s important to recognise when it arises in order to find a healthy way to deal with it. Finding something that works for you to hit the reset button, can often be the best way to come out of it.

If you would like more support in dealing with a constant lack of motivation or energy and nothing seems to be working, please feel free to get in touch with us to see if 1-1 Private Coaching is an option for you.