Being happy requires the ability to fully experience emotions on both ends of the spectrum. The only reason suffering seems hard to manage is because we aren’t allowing ourselves to feel those emotions, instead, we’re in a constant state of avoidance.

To deepen your connection to your body and in turn to the emotion your body experiences (emotion can only be experienced in the body, not the mind), it’s important we disconnect from the mind and identify what feelings are present in the body.

Let’s go over easy strategies to stay happy.

Lachie our FIFO Happiness GM photo on-site


This is my daily drop-in practice that I use myself, with clients and with men on mine sites.


1. Eyes closed, sitting up straight.


2. 6 deep breaths into the belly/diaphragm.


3. Tune in to your body and identify the sensations.

Where is it showing up in the body? Describe what that sensation feels like? Eg, It may show up in the chest as tension and warmth, or in the hands with clamminess.

4. Take 3 Breaths into the belly.


5. What emotion would you label those sensations with?


6. Take 3 more breaths into the belly. 


7. Feel the sensations and the emotion.

It may feel uncomfortable because it’s likely emotion you haven’t allowed yourself to experience in its fullness before, whether because of trauma or moments of impact, but ensure you sit in it, feel it and welcome it into your body as if it’s an old friend.

8. Repeat daily.

The better you get at feeling your emotions, on both ends of the spectrum, the less time you’re going to spend suffering because you’re avoiding them, which creates more opportunity to shift into states of happiness.

Remember, happiness is not linear. We need the lows to appreciate the highs. Enjoy happiness while it’s present, without needing it to be more, also without needing for it to always be that way. We hope these easy strategies to stay happy can help you in some way!

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