Implementing small habits to create more gratitude is a simple way to improve overall happiness and fulfilment, as well as positively impact your mental wellbeing in a multitude of ways. 

In this blog, we cover the effects of practising gratitude as well as some simple tips and habits to implement into your routine. 

Let’s go over the many ways gratitude can impact your life and your mental wellbeing.

1. You’ll recover from hard times faster

According to Robert Eamons world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude –  “In the face of demoralization, gratitude has the power to energize. In the face of brokenness, gratitude has the power to heal. In the face of despair, gratitude has the power to bring hope.” 

This quote encapsulates the power of gratitude when you are experiencing a hard time in your life. By all means, the hardest time to practice gratitude, but the most powerful time to re-shift your thinking to do so in order to get out of hard times quicker. 

2. You’ll reach more goals 

In a 2011 study by Robert Eamons, it was found that people felt more motivated and energised when they experienced gratitude, and were more inclined to reach goals they had set. 

3. Reduces stress

Have you ever noticed that when you are in a high-stress state, you start to focus on the negatives in situations? You’re certainly not alone.  However, multiple studies have found that experiencing gratitude causes a reduction in the stress hormone, Cortisol.

Here are our top tips for practising gratitude!

We hope that our tips on practising gratitude give you the inspiration to appreciate the silver linings in life a little more. If you would like to learn more from our Happiness Coaches, contact us to organise a 1-1 session.