Reconciliation for the traditional owners of our land can be a hard topic to navigate for many. In this blog, our Ambassador Danielle shares her story as a proud Tjupan Pinhi woman and shares simple ways to embrace the journey of reconciliation.

My Story

Reconciliation week always brings an opportunity to stop and reflect on the roles we all play in reconciling as a nation. Coming together as one, building respectful relationships, healing the pain of the past but most importantly educating for a brighter future.

The only things that grow in life are those we give time and attention to. It takes more than just one week a year to make long-lasting change. Reflecting on my role as an Indigenous woman and the work I do to help support, educate and connect people, I feel blessed to have the support from my colleagues at Happiness Co.

Great leaders bring great change and it fills my heart to know that Happiness Co is taking action to learn, educate and connect as ONE. We have recently created an Indigenous Committee to bring together different viewpoints, cultures and life experiences to look at how we can bridge the gap and work together to achieve one united goal of helping people – regardless of their story.

As an Aboriginal Artist, Happiness Co supports me to share my Aboriginal Culture through my art and allows me to contribute to those most in need, by donating artwork to raise money for the causes that Happiness Co supports – such as EmpowHER who supports women who have experienced Domestic Violence.

Whilst the pain of the past still runs deep inside of me, it is comforting and healing to be surrounded and supported by people who are driven towards a better future.

My name is Danielle Ashwin, I am a proud Tjupan Pinhi woman, and with the support of Happiness Co, I’m using my pain for purpose and my story for strength.

I encourage you to reflect on the role you play in reconciliation. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture or a career path. It can be as simple as a smile, being open to learning, listening and empathising, but whatever role you choose to play, let it be the change you wish to see in the world.


Here are my tips for embracing the journey of Reconciliation

  1. Be curious – don’t be afraid to ask questions about the culture, it shows you are keen to learn.
  2.  Educate – the internet is a great resource to research the history of Australia and Aboriginal people, it helps to be understanding and have empathy if you know the story.
  3. Ask the question – if you work with or support an Aboriginal person, ask them how you can best support them.
  4. Embrace the cultural activities – use NAIDOC Week, Reconciliation Week etc to learn more about the Culture, show your respect and connect with Aboriginal people.
  5. Respect the land – put your rubbish in the bin and pick up any that you may stumble across.