Spring is in the air! Which means the sun is up earlier, out until later, the mornings and evenings are warmer and with that, we have longer days to take advantage of and the opportunity to get outside more. 

This also means excuses such as ‘it’s still dark, it’s already dark, it’s too cold’ etc. all go out the door when it comes to getting up and getting out the door for some outdoor exercise and activities.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my indoor workouts and classes, too – but I also love to use the warmer months to get out and do other fun activities that aren’t necessarily typically classed as ‘exercise’. 

Plus, you’ll be getting the added benefit of fresh air, the sounds of nature and some well-deserved and important Vitamin D. 

Whether you’re unsure just on where to start or you’re simply looking for something fun and new to try, my list of ideas and suggestions on how to get more active outside will give you the perfect balance between staying healthy, treating yourself, feeling connected and social and having FUN!

1. Walk or jog

Find a path, local park, coastline, or venture out to a new location and make a mini road trip or day trip of it. Why not get online and do some research on the top places you can visit in and around your area and make it a solo, duo, group or family activity?

2. Join a hiking group

Hiking is a great way to build some leg muscle and strength, soak up the outdoor air and clear your head. The great news is – if you’ve never done it before or have no one to go with, there are plenty of hiking groups around that cater to all levels and preferred scenery. 

3. Hit the beach 

Whether you live near the beach or don’t mind a drive out to it, there’s plenty you can do there to get moving. Take a walk or jog along the sand, play some frisbee or Gripball, kick the footy, have a hit of cricket, get stuck into some beach volleyball, hula hoop, look for seashells and you can even build some sandcastles!

4. Get into the ocean

Following on from activities on the sand, there are plenty of activities you can do in the ocean. Improve your strokes and swimming skills (go solo or join a club!), go kayaking or water skiing (also a great option for a lake or river), paddle board, boogie board or learn how to surf (sign up for lessons!), go for a snorkel or throw a tennis ball with a friend (or dog). 

5. Swap your traditional indoor for outdoors

We’ve already covered losing the treadmill (or at least mixing it up) for a walk or jog outdoors, but you can also try the following:

6. Think ‘outside’ the square

Finally, here are a few things you may not have even thought about  – or perhaps just forgotten about – that can bring some big laughs and smiles to your face as you’re doing them. 

Finally, use outdoor exercise and activities as a way to practice gratitude. If you are able to move your body AND get access to the outdoors, take a moment to appreciate it and feel grateful. Getting outdoors and moving is such a fantastic way to boost your mood, shift your perspective and contribute to happiness. 

No matter who you are, where you are in your life right now or whichever ideas and activities you choose to try, you can benefit from getting outdoors and experiencing the power of nature. 

If you have any questions or queries you’d love to have answered, please reach out to me at carla@happinessco.org and I’d be more than happy to help. 

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Carla Thomas, 

Holistic Health Coach & Wellness Coordinator at Happiness Co