Let’s be honest, there are parts to every job that are more mundane than others, that’s inevitable. However, when it comes to our overall feelings toward our work and mental health when at work during the week, there are ways to create habits that ensure you stay happy and satisfied. 

Let’s go over our top tips for creating happiness at work. 

1. Switch up your routine

If you work in a corporate 9am-5pm role, it can become important to switch up your daily routine to stay energised rather than as if you are stuck in a monotonous day to day rut. Try to mix up what you do before and after work each day to keep things interesting, or even try to go to work early one day and leave a little earlier to do something fun or spend time with family. 

Examples of things you could do before or after work include, going for a walk to get your coffee, going to a gym class, reading the paper, calling a friend, listening to a podcast or meeting a friend for a catch-up. 

2. Get enough sleep

According to Barry Krakow, MD of Maimonides Sleep Arts and Sciences, “on a cellular level, the body is literally repairing and restoring itself. Without it, you can’t do what you want physically or mentally.” He also notes that lack of proper sleep can drastically affect your mood and agitation levels as well as leading to depression if it becomes a chronic habit. 

When you think of these factors in relation to how you feel at work, it’s clear that there can be a direct correlation. If you can work out the optimal amount of sleep you need between the recommended 7-9 hour spectrum, you’ll notice your mood and happiness during the day at work can improve a lot. 

Getting enough sleep also improves focus which can affect your mood by your ability to be productive and feel satisfied at the end of the day. 

3. Set milestones and rewards

Setting milestones however big or small can help you compartmentalise your workload and your sense of achievement. Try to buy a physical calendar you can write on at the start of the year, to plan out goals or milestones for your career. You could also add to this by rewarding yourself once you achieve these milestones. 

4. Start your day on a good note

Create a healthy and organised morning routine that gives your day a kick-start. Our tips for this include setting your alarm to give you ample time to get ready before work to avoid rushing, try and get fresh air and movement before work, have a conversation with a family member, journal, plan your day in your diary or listen to a podcast before a meditation. 

Whatever habit works for you, try to choose a few to mix throughout your week to ensure you get to work feeling energised. 

5. Join our Workplace Happiness Program

We focus on building happiness at work through: 

Reach out if you would like to know more about the options for your workplace and how they can help you stay happy at work. 

6. Declutter your space

Make sure your workspace is clean / de-cluttered to help you stay focussed and have a clear head when completing tasks. You could also add a pop of colour with plants or colourful stationery to add visible energy to your space. 

We hope these tips will help you stay happy at work! Don’t forget to ensure you are focussing on your overall happiness, satisfaction and mental wellbeing. If you would like to get your organisation involved in a workplace happiness program, feel free to email robbie@happinessco.org