A Mental Health Initiative to Break The Staggering Statistics of Unhappiness in Workplaces, Schools and Other Communities.

Last week we launched the first-ever Wellness Station at its first site – Monson Agencies Australia. We are so thrilled to have collaborated with Industrial Vending Systems to create a point of use delivery system that provides 24/7 access to mental health and wellness programs and products.

The Wellness Stations are designed to be an option for any community looking to implement wellness options for their staff and members of their community. The stations will be rolled out to corporate offices, FIFO and remote site locations and community facilities – with each station being completely tailored to specific locations.

As opposed to the standard consumables in a vending machine, this initiative aims to shift the perception that having a busy life needs to be stressful and taxing on our mental health. We want to diffuse the notion of what we can currently access on the go which usually takes shape in the form of unhealthy snacks and drinks.

What is in the Wellness Stations?

  1. Mental Health Tools
  2. Mental Health and Happiness Programs
  3. Healthy Snacks 

What is the intention for the Wellness Stations?

The Wellness Station is not to replace any mental health initiatives on-site, it is a complementary product that gives its users 24/7 access to tools, programs and consumables supporting a healthy mind and body. The Wellness Station offers real-time data ensuring your commitment to a better workplace or community is being utilised to its full potential.

Happiness Co is involved by providing the following:

Happiness Co will provide and collaborate with providers for the delivery of mental health and well-being programs and podcasts with options such as but not limited to;

The goal:

  1. Improve the overall happiness of the end user
  2. Increase the availability of tools to minimise stress and anxiety in the workplace
  3. Provide affordable and alternate healthy consumables to support physical well-being
  4. Make 1-1 support accessible
  5. Offer programs that can be accessed online to support mental health and happiness
  6. Assist organisations to further demonstrate their commitment to mitigating mental health and well-being concerns in the workplace.
  7. Reduce the stigma around mental health and increase community engagement

The Wellness Station ensures mental health and wellbeing support is accessible and reflects that a busy lifestyle doesn’t equate to a stressful and unhappy one. 

Although the vending machine has the sole purpose of providing on-the-go and instant tools for practising mindfulness, de-stressing and taking time to refuel healthily, we hope that it does more than this. 

We hope that it shifts the culture of unhappiness and stress in certain workplaces and communities and makes it a culture for these communities to focus on the well-being and happiness of their staff, students and team members. 

If you are interested in having a Wellness Station at your workplace, site or community facility please email robbie@happinessco.org or visit here.