Needing an extra dose of inspiration to put a spark in your step? Let’s be honest, inspiration comes in ebbs and flows for most of us – but is there a way to work into these motions more effectively?

The answer is – yes IF you are proactive. Sounds counterintuitive right? Cue the contradicting quotes “you can find inspiration even when you are not looking for it” versus “you can look anywhere and find inspiration”. So the question is, will inspiration come to us in a wave when we least expect it or should we be proactive in our search for inspiration and passion? 

It is likely that if you are reading this you are in somewhat of an inspiration deficit, so we are going to delve into the second one – finding inspiration when it’s lacking. If you are the anomaly who consistently wakes up with a life-changing or perception-shifting idea, you can skip this one. 

We envy you. 

Let’s get into a couple of ways you can be proactive in searching for inspiration and being driven by passion. After all, what is your life worth if you don’t feel inspired by it, right?

1. Shift into a new environment 

You know that deep feeling of nostalgia for a place you once visited? A place so deeply connected to you, that a moment in time can jolt your memory back to that specific sensation, emotion or even smell and sound?

The environments we spend our time in affect us so much so that they can either spark or deflect inspiration. 

Are you spending most of your day sitting in a dark room behind your laptop? Are you perhaps constantly on the go and unable to take in each moment? Are you in an inordinately busy and loud environment? 

Perhaps it’s time for a shift. Whether it be taking the day off to shift environment and find inspiration again, or it’s assessing a career or lifestyle change. It could also mean trying to balance your life a little more, to avoid loosing inspiration and passion.

Make a bold decision, shift your environment and see what inspiration can come from it. 

2. Create a vision board 

Creating visual cues that reflect dreams, aspirations, and feelings you wish to invite into your life can be a great way to spark inspiration and uncover desires and passions you may not have acknowledged yet. 

Start with a large piece of paper or cardboard, create cutouts from magazines or printouts from online, even include physical or personal items such as flowers from a place that inspires you. Get creative, it might just spark the inspiration you are looking for. 

3. Try something completely new

Learning something new can activate different parts of your brain and challenge you to think differently – hence opening your mind up to new ideas. This is a great way to get your inspiration juices flowing. 

4. Get out of your comfort zone 

You know the saying “life begins at the end of your comfort zone?” – best believe it. Some of the most aspirational people in the world have failed time after time to get to where they are, and that all begins with jumping out of your comfort zone to grow. 

5. Read a book about someone who inspires you 

Speaking of aspirational people – try switching your nighttime Netflix ritual for a nighttime read. 

Here is a handful of great books we know and love: The Alchemist, The Art of Happiness, Becoming, and a classic for instilling hope and sparking inspiration; Long Walk to Freedom.

Choosing the right book, however, can be very personal based on what people or attitudes inspire you – walk into a book store, and take your time choosing the right book for you. 

6. Immerse yourself in nature – detach from technology 

Immersing yourself in nature inspires the sense that the world is much bigger than we can comprehend. This can initiate expansive thinking and allow us to move into a different perspective. This shift in perspective can be huge in igniting inspiration. 

Nature has also been proven to expand creativity and boost brain function – both of which allows us to feel inspired. 

Try switching your routine Instagram scrolling or Vlog watching, for a walk around the lake, ocean, park or whatever nature you have accessible to you. Imagine if we made this switch every day!

Feeling inspired already? Glad we could help. Make a mental note of this list and try to do what you think you need to help bring back inspiration and feel passionate about what you do each day you wake up. If you would like to know more about these topics and happiness in general, visit our homepage.