When it comes to reaching out for support, it can be daunting for most. In the current world, we live in we are lucky to have a wide array of tools for online mental health support. 

Whether that be a mindfulness app on your phone or the weekly podcasts you look forward to – it’s accessible and it’s an easy way to set time aside to focus on your mental wellbeing. 

Although face-to-face support from professionals can be extremely beneficial  – these resources are a great way to gain online mental health support when you need it, either in conjunction with professional help or on its own.

Let’s go over our top online resources!

In amidst the ins and outs of lockdowns across the country and world – finding a handful of online resources you can use on a daily or weekly basis can be very helpful. 

1. The Happy Pod Daily 

Our Happiness Co team have recently launched a new podcast series which runs each day for 10-minute episodes of tips and advice. Each day is themed for a different topic, from Motivational Mondays to Fearless Fridays, it will have you covered all week.

2. Beyond Blue Online Forums 

Joining an online forum suited to your needs or current issues can be a great way to gain support from people who understand what you are going through. Each forum is very specific, from dealing with anxiety to relationship issues – you can post in a supportive forum to gain support and join a positive and helpful online community.

3. Online Happiness Pack 

Our team at Happiness Co have put together a downloadable Happiness Pack filled with tips and activities. 

Download here. 

4. eheadspace

This online platform is designed for people aged 12-25 and provides free online and telephone support. They also have a group chat and a platform to build your own personalised mental health toolkit.

5. Mental Health Online 

For anyone going through mental distress, their services can help you understand and address your issues through self-assessment and self-help. All programs and services are run online. 

6. Mr Feels Podcast 

For another podcast recommendation, we love Mr Feels hosted by Tyler May and Laura Benson as they cover taboo topics relating to mental health! 

7. 1-1 Online Happiness Coaching 

If online programs aren’t for you – we offer 1-1 private coaching either in person or online via a video call. Our coaching sessions are affordable, practical and give you tools and advice for getting past struggles and working toward a happy future. 

If you are interested in any of our online programs or individual coaching, head to our website.