When it comes to 5pm on a Friday, it’s safe to say a lot of us would count down the minutes until we can switch off from the week and enjoy some much-needed downtime.

We’re all human, and after a busy week, it is natural to feel the need to rest, spend time with family and friends and catch up on self-care.

If you are someone who likes to keep busy, this one is for you. A reminder you may need – you can’t do it all and if your cup is empty you won’t be able to show up for yourself or anyone else.

We have rounded up some ideas to make sure you are doing things that will energise and fill up your cup, rather than deplete you and leave you tired come Monday. 

1. Allow at least one morning to sleep in

2. Make an effort to catch up with a friend in person or on the phone

3. Make a wholesome meal with your partner or friend 

4. Do some baking 

5. Take a book down to the beach or park 

6. Have a meal at a restaurant or cafe, or order takeaway from your local 

7. Include at least one self-care activity 

8. Get an early night 

9. Do some form of movement

10. Practice some form of stillness such as meditation or yoga 

Try and pick 5 of these ideas and implement them into your weekend, you will notice a world of a difference to your energy and mindset after the weekend. If you need more tailored support, we offer a range of individual programs and 1-1 support.