We have rounded up some of our favourite mental health resources, so you can pick and choose what works for you!

Whether you need daily solutions or more long-term support this range of apps and online platforms have some great options for mental health and wellbeing. 

Let’s go over our top mental health resources!

  1. Create a personalised mental health toolkit on Headspace 

Headspace offers a unique online resource where you can collect and manage a personalised mental health toolkit. The functionality allows you to create your own private page that you can fill with the resources you need the most, for whenever you need them. They also have an interactive section with activities to increase mental health literacy and encourage self-reflection and positive behaviour change.

  1. Black Dog Institute Online Clinic 

The Black Dog Institute offers an online clinic that takes you through a range of assessments in order to find the best resources or professional help, suited to you personally. Simply fill out their questionnaire and print off your report!

  1. Smiling Mind App 

An app to guide you through daily meditations and mindfulness activities. This one is great if you only have 10 minutes a day to ensure you are focussing on your mental health.

  1. 6-week Online Mindset Program 

The Happiness Co 6 week program is designed for those looking for the ultimate self-development course that works through all aspects of life. In 6-weeks you can expect to let go of anything holding you back, work on purpose and core beliefs, as well as work through specific aspects of your life, such as self-care and confidence. The next program runs from 28 March as a live online program!

  1. Calm App 

Calm is one of the most popular mental health apps across the world, known for its sleep stories and guided meditations to help you ease stress and anxiety. Whether you are an avid daily meditator, or you need the odd guidance to sleep – this app is for you!

  1. 1-1 Happiness Coaching 

With a lived experience approach to individual mentoring, we offer one-on-one coaching for individuals looking for more personalised support. Reach out and one of our coaches will get in touch to organise a session!

  1. Moodmission App

For an evidence-based app, Moodmission helps when you are feeling down or anxious. When you fill in a survey based on how you are feeling, Moodmission will provide you with 5 simple and effective ‘missions’ to take on, tailored to your ‘mood’ and what you are needing.

We hope these mental health resources are helpful and can give you some guidance and support when you need it most. Keep your eyes peeled on our homepage for any upcoming events or programs, or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know!